HUSKEY, Johnny
HUSKEY, Johnny
dob: 3/30/1968
hometown: Candler, NC, U.S.A.
gym: Hybrid Academy
height: 6' 1"
weight: 210lbs.
background: submission fighting(16M-16W), kickboxing(18M-16W[13KO]-2L), judo, karate
Pancrase debut: 10/31/2000 -Korakuen Hall -vs Katsuhisa Fujii -loss
Pancrase match record: 1M -0W -1L -0D(as of 10/31/2000)
1990 judo Gold Cup champion
1993 NC State kickboxing champion
1996 Street Wrestling champion
2000 King of the Hill 2 absolute champion
career: Ultimate Test 1999(11/1999)