LYTLE, Chris
LYTLE, Chris
dob: 8/18/1974
hometown: Indianapolis, IN, U.S.A.
gym: Ring Sports/ Palmers Gym
height: 5' 11"
weight: 170lbs.
background: tang soo do, jiu jitsu, submission fighting, boxing
Pancrase debut: 4/18/1999-Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium-vs Osami Shibuya-Pankration match-draw
Pancrase match record: 12M-3W-6L-3D(as of 4/12/2003)
Indiana State tang soo do champion
P.W.I. full contact champion
2003. A.F.C. welterweight champion
career: Extreme Challenge, Combat Zone, Martial Arts Festival, Hook 'n' Shoot, Neutral Grounds, Rage in the Cage, U.F.C. 28(11/17/2000), I.F.C. Warrior's Challenge 17(7/12/2002), Hook 'n' Shoot Boot Camp 1.1(3/8/2003),Battleground 1 ~War City~(7/19/2003), A.F.C. 5(9/5/2003),Reality Submission Fighting(10/3/2003), U.F.C. 45(11/21/2003), Shooto Challenge 2(1/2/2004), U.F.C. 47(4/2/2004), U.F.C. 49(8/21/2004), W.E.C.
12 (10/21/2004), U.F.C. 51(2/5/2005), W.E.C. 15(5/19/2005), U.F.C.55(10/7/2005)