MEZGER, Guy *certified Hybrid Wrestling instructor
dob: 1/1/1968
hometown: Dallas, TX, U.S.A.
gym: Guy Mezger's Freestyle Martial Arts
height: 6' 1"
weight: 200lbs.
background: karate, judo, tae kwon do, wrestling, kickboxing
Pancrase debut: 7/23/1995-Korakuen Hall-vs John Renfroe-win
Pancrase match record: 24M-16W-6L-2D(as of 12/19/1998)
3 times Texas State karate champion
2 times U.S.A.K.A. heavyweight champion
1994 Dallas judo champion
1994 W.K.C. heavyweight champion
1996 Pancrase ranking tournament champion
1998 7th open-weight King of Pancrase
career: F.F.F.(8/10/1996), U.F.C. 4(12/16/1994), U.F.C. 5(4/7/1995),U.F.C. 13(5/30/1997), U.F.C. 19(3/5/1999), PRIDE 6(7/4/1999), PRIDE GP 2000(1/30/2000), PRIDE GP 2000(5/1/2000), PRIDE 10(8/27/2000), K.O.T.C.7(2/24/2001), PRIDE 22(9/29/2002), PRIDE 24(12/23/2002), E.V.T.1~Genesis~(12/6/2003)