SHAMROCK, Frank *debut ring name "Frank Juarez"
dob: 12/8/1972
hometown: Sunnyvale, CA, U.S.A.
gym: Universal Submission Academy
height: 5' 10"
weight: 195lbs.
background: shootfighting, vale tudo
Pancrase debut: 12/16/1994 -Ryogoku Kokugikan -vs Bas Rutten -K.O.P. tournament 1st round -win
Pancrase match record: 18M -11W -6L -1D(as of 12/15/1996)
1996 provisional King of Pancrasists
1997 U.F.C. world middleweight champion
career: Super Brawl 3(1/17/1997), Contenders(10/11/1997), Vale Tudo Japan(11/29/1997), RINGS, Ultimate Japan(12/21/1997), U.F.C.16(3/13/1998), U.F.C. 17(5/15/1998), Ultimate Brazil(10/16/1998), U.F.C.22(9/24/1999), K-1 in Las Vegas(8/2001), W.E.C. 6~Return of a Legend~(3/27/2003), U-Style Axis(11/23/2005)
*trained at Pancrase dojo and Lion's Den