SMIT, Gregory
SMIT, Gregory
dob: 9/24/1970
hometown: Sydney, Australia
gym: Karl Gotch Dojo
height: 6' 4"
weight: 216lbs.
background: rugby, wrestling, submission wrestling
Pancrase debut: 5/31/1994 -Nippon Budokan -vs Masakatsu Funaki -loss
Pancrase match record: 13M -7W -11L -0D(as of 1/28/1996)
1991 N.S.W. Freestyle wrestling champion
1992 Australian light heavyweight wrestling champion
1993 Australian amateur wrestling rookie of the year
career: A.W.F.(Australian pro-wrestling), 2nd Pancrase Australia(2/17/2001)
*trained at Pancrase dojo