ITO, Takafumi
ITO, Takafumi
dob: 6/21/1972
hometown: Osaka, Japan
gym: PANCRASEism *captain
height: 5' 9"
weight: 172lbs.
background: wrestling
Pancrase debut: 1/26/1995 -Aichiken Budokan -vs Gregory Smit -win
Pancrase match record: 64M -33W -24L -7D(as of 12/4/2005)
Pancrase ranking: welterweight #6(as of 12/9/2005)
1995 Neo Blood Tournament champion
career: The Contenders M-1(6/10/2001), DEEP 2001 5th IMPACT in Differ Ariake(6/9/2002), DEEP 2001 6th IMPACT in Ariake Colosseum(9/7/2002),All Japan Kickboxing~Never Give Up~(4/17/2005), All Japan Kickboxing~Super Fight~ (7/24/2005), All Japan Kickboxing~Sword Fight~(10/16/2005)