How Popular Is PANCRASE?

An average of 3,000 people buy a ticket to watch the PANCRASE shows every month in Japan.

Over 300,000 PANCRASE videotapes and DVD have sold in Japan.

Over a dozen Japanese newspapers have featured articles on PANCRASE.

Over 61 Japanese magazines and websites have featured articles on PANCRASE.

Over 25 TV shows have featured stories on PANCRASE or had PANCRASE competitors as guests.

Over 6 radio shows invited PANCRASE competitors as guests.

A total of 6 PANCRASE music CDs have been released.

Overseas martial arts website such as FULL CONTACT FIGHTER and Abu Dhabi post Pancrase information and also Pancrase videotapes can be bought through these websites.

Over 800 students signed up at amateur course(called P?�s LAB) in Tokyo, Yokohama, and Osaka.

Other exposure of PANCRASE:
Official website:
TV Games
TV Commercials
Feature films
P.P.V. shows in the U.S.A.(aired in 1996)
KBS-SKY in Korea
Cable TV shows in Taiwan
TV show in Lithuania